Karissa Wikert

Oct 18 2017

Are you Wintering Outside of Iowa?


Here are 5 ways to manage our bank accounts remotely and electronically if you’re planning on spending your winter outside of Iowa.

  1. Use your PIN. Whenever a debit card is used outside of the “home area,” you may experience issues when you use the card for signature-based  credit card transactions. If so, use your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  2. Use Secure Messages. When logged in to your online banking (whether on a mobile device or on a computer), you can send a secure message to inquire about a specific transaction, to let us know you will be traveling, and a whole host of other questions that may come up. By using secure messages, we know who you are and can easily and quickly reference your accounts. Messages are typically answered within 1-2 hours during business hours.
  3. Paying Bills. Use the Bill Pay feature located within online banking, it is secure and easy—no need to worry about getting things mailed! Simply schedule payments based on their due date and let us take care of the rest.
  4. Remote Deposit. Did you know you can deposit a check simply by taking a picture of it? Within the online banking app on a mobile device, you can use our Remote Deposit Capture feature to upload a photo of a check and tell us which of your accounts should receive the credit. The transaction will be processed within an hour or two, during business hours.
  5. Transferring Money. Within online banking, you can transfer funds from one Hills Bank account to another Hills Bank account (including loan payments), or to/from non-Hills Bank accounts. By setting up external accounts in your online banking (for example, a savings account at “XYZ”), you can easily move money from that account into Hills Bank, or into that account from Hills Bank.

Interested in learning more about any of these options? Call us at 1-800-445-5725 or stop by a Hills Bank location to visit with a Personal Banker today!

Karissa Wikert

About Karissa Wikert

Karissa Wikert is the Friends Club Director located at Hills Bank’s Iowa City Gilbert Street location. Karissa is from Ringsted, Iowa and a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa. She has worked in marketing and public relations for the past 12 years and enjoys travel and building relationships. Karissa can be reached at Karissa_Wikert@HillsBank.com.

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