Brenda Langenberg

Feb 14 2018

Use Manage My Finances for Tax Season!


Whether you’re organizing for tax preparation or consolidating your finances, Manage My Finances is a powerful tool to help you.

Use the Export feature to download a .csv file and sort/filter based on tags you want to track and get a quick sum. So, you could create a “Donation” tag, for all the deductible items you want to claim when filing.

You also can create and track goal progress, add a new IRA account, or consolidate your loans and credit card in one spot to get your complete financial picture. With Manage My Finances you get a clearer view of your entire financial picture that allows you to make better financial choices every day, not just during tax time!

The fact is, most people often have their tax return spent before it’s even in their bank account. That means there isn’t much time to think about putting your refund to work for you in the most productive ways possible, like paying off debts, building an emergency fund, or starting an IRA.

Build Your Big Picture

The power of Manage My Finances is that you can consolidate all your debts and other accounts in one place to get a clear picture of how best to use your tax refund. Now’s a great time to take a few minutes to plug all your financial accounts into Manage My Finances so you can see a holistic view of your finances and make good choices with your refund. Maybe, instead of paying off credit cards, it’s a better idea to start an emergency fund that could cover expenses in case of job loss, an unexpected home repair, or medical bills. Maybe  putting your tax refund into a Traditional or Roth IRA is the best way to go. Maybe paying off a credit card makes sense. By seeing it all laid out in front of you, you can make a smart decision now, for your future.

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Or check out our Manage My Finances demo or log in to Hills Bank Online to get started!  Let me know how you plan on utilizing Manage My Finances in the comments below!

Brenda Langenberg

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