Dawn Lyons

Mar 19 2014

5 Travel Tips for Your Next Vacation Abroad

Traveling Abroad

Don’t let fraud, pickpockets, identity theft, or a lost purse or wallet ruin your next vacation. The following tips will help protect your wallet, valuables, identity, and financial information while traveling.

Make Copies of Important Financial Information
Make copies of all the cards you will have on your trip, your passport data page, and travel itinerary. Leave copies of everything with a trusted friend or family member while you are gone.

Take Several Forms of Payment
It’s a good idea, especially when traveling internationally, to take several forms of payment in case one is not accepted, is lost or stolen, or is deactivated while you are out of the country. Pack a backup card and secure it in a hotel safe, so if one is lost or stolen, you will have a backup to pay for hotel rooms and other large purchases.

Use Credit Cards for Major Purchases
Many credit cards have a zero-liability policy, meaning you won’t be charged for unauthorized purchases if your card is lost or stolen. Alert your credit card company of a lost or stolen card as soon as possible.

Alert Hills Bank and/or Credit Card Companies of your Travel Plans
Remember to alert Hills Bank and any other credit cards you may be using when you plan a major trip. If you don’t advise us about your travel plans, we may think a thief – not you – is making purchases, and we may freeze your card. This notification as a security measure is especially important when traveling abroad.

Visit the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is a free service provided by the US Government to US citizens/nationals that are traveling abroad. To learn more, visit step.state.gov/step.

Please remember HillsBank.com has all the phone numbers you need in case your cards are lost or stolen. Traveling should be an experience that creates a lifetime of wonderful memories. Keep these tips in mind so even if the unexpected happens, you’ll be ready. What other travel tips do you have? Let us know in the comments below.

Dawn Lyons

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