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Nov 07 2018

The Best Items to Donate to Food Banks This Holiday Season

The Best Items to Donate to Food Banks This Holiday Season

The holiday season is an especially difficult time for those living with food insecurity. According to, one in eight people in Iowa struggle with hunger. Food is expensive and the cost of groceries adds up quickly, especially with many mouths to feed. This holiday season, consider this list of the best items to donate to our local food banks.

Financial Donations

Often times food pantries have relationships with retailers and wholesalers that allow their dollars to stretch further than if they were to purchase goods from a grocery store. Financial donations are an extremely effective way to help those with food insecurities within your community.

Shelf-Stable Items

Food pantries always can take things like canned meats (i.e. tuna and chicken), canned vegetables, canned fruit, 100% fruit juice, peanut butter, canned beans or dried beans, nuts, hearty soups or stews (both canned and dried), rice, oatmeal, pasta, cooking oil, etc. Canned items are usually preferred to glass so they won’t break.

Baby/Children Items

Food banks almost always benefit from supplies for babies such as formula, baby food, cereals, and diapers. Many food pantries also have children’s clothing and coats available, so donations of underwear, socks, and coats are highly valued, especially during cold winter months.

Personal Hygiene Items

Personal hygiene items like toothpaste, mouthwash, feminine products, laundry detergent, razors, shampoo, and toilet paper are usually in short supply in food pantries, but are items that are very costly and useful for those in need. Even for those that qualify for food stamps, personal hygiene products are necessities that are not covered. Just remember to keep the personal care items separate from the food items.

For more information about donating items, time, or money to area food banks please visit: Coralville Community Food Pantry, Johnson County Crisis Center, Hawkeye Area Community Action Program (HACAP), North Liberty Community Pantry, and The Salvation Army of Cedar Rapids.

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