Hannah Geyer

May 09 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week 2017


Teachers give us so much: a word of encouragement when we need it most, a boost of confidence when we’re feeling low, a spark of energy when the work gets tough. We know we can never thank them enough, but we can take a moment during National Teacher Appreciation Week to share our gratitude for the special educators in our lives.

This week we join people all over the country in celebrating the teachers who work tirelessly to provide quality education and care for all students. This is an occasion for us to pause and say “Thank You” to those who’ve inspired and mentored us along the way.

Help us spread the love for all the amazing teachers out there—not just during this week of appreciation, but each and every day. Comment below or use the hashtag #ThankATeacher to share about a teacher who made a positive impact on your life. If you know this teacher’s address, go one step further and send them a card in the mail.

At Hills Bank, we believe in supporting teachers, youth, and education. That’s why we give back to our schools through Classroom Cash. Each time you make a purchase with your Hills Bank debit card or business debit card, you earn money for the private school or public school district of your choice in our community. With every purchase, the bank will make a donation back to the school district at various times throughout the year. There is no cost to you; it’s just a great way for us to make a difference in our community schools! Learn more at www.HillsBank.com/ClassroomCash.

Hannah Geyer

About Hannah Geyer

Hannah Geyer is the Youth and Education Coordinator located at Hills Bank’s location in Hills, IA. She has a background in education and oversees the EverFi Financial Literacy program in area schools. Hannah is from Goshen, Indiana and is a graduate of Goshen College. You can reach her at hannah_geyer@hillsbank.com.

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