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Erin Grabe

Dec 05 2018

Should You Save Money or Pay Off Debt?

Respect your elders. Don’t talk with your mouth full. Say please and thank you. All great things our parents taught us. But what about how to balance managing debt – specifically student loan debt–with saving money–for retirement, our own children’s …
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Brenda Langenberg

Oct 22 2018

Healthy Money Habits: Avoiding Debt (Part 2 of 4)


Learning to avoid credit card debt and saying ‘no’ to yourself and unnecessary wants will keep you on the road to overall financial health.

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Brenda Langenberg

Oct 15 2018

Healthy Money Habits: Pay Yourself First (Part 1 of 4)


Financial health is defined as describing one’s personal financial situation. There are many different pieces included in the overall picture of one’s financial health. Some of these pieces include the amount of savings you have, how much of your income …
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Jennifer Eden

Oct 10 2018

Hills Bank Online: Automatic Payment Details


Did you know that you have the ability to see upcoming automatic payments to and from your account?  Learn more about automatic payments within Hills Bank Online: https://youtu.be/FmQb4ruP5e8

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Shelly Freemole

Sep 26 2018

Wealth Management Spotlight: Roth or Pre-Tax, Part 2 of 2


Deciding whether to contribute to your 401(k) plan on a Roth or Pre-Tax basis can seem like a tough decision, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 4 things to consider when deciding how to contribute to your 401(k) …
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Deb Schaffer

Sep 24 2018

Money Saving Tips for Savvy College Students

Money Saving Tips for Savvy College Students.

College years are a transitional time into the “real world.” Not only will you learn skill sets to gain employment, but you will learn life skills as you start living on your own. Now is the perfect time to start …
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Shelly Freemole

Sep 19 2018

Wealth Management Spotlight: Roth or Pre-Tax, Part 1 of 2


You’ve probably heard the term “Roth” associated with your 401(k) Plan. Most plans now offer two types of participant contributions. There are deferral contributions made on a pre-tax basis referred to as pre-tax contributions. Then there are deferrals made on …
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Nicole Slaubaugh

Aug 27 2018

Lemon Boss 2018 Wrap-Up


At Hills Bank, we support local businesses of all shapes and sizes. During our fifth year of Lemon Boss, we helped over 380, 5-12 years old start their own businesses. We had young entrepreneurs from Iowa, Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, …
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Jennifer Lough

Aug 08 2018

Simple Change by Hills Bank


What if every time you used your Hills Bank debit card, you were able to put a little bit of your money away to save? Well, now you can with Simple Change. The best part about Simple Change is that …
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Katie Miller

Jun 25 2018

3 Tips for Handling Credit Card Debt


Credit card debt can add up quickly. Too much debt can lower your credit score and prevent you from long-term goals like buying a home or saving for retirement.

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