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Brenda Langenberg

Nov 14 2018

Healthy Money Habits: 8 Tips for Financial Health


As I wrap-up my 4-part series on Healthy Money Habits, I want to revisit the eight financial health habits I highlighted throughout the entire series.

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Brenda Langenberg

Oct 29 2018

Healthy Money Habits: Insurance and Retirement (Part 3 of 4)


Becoming and then staying insured as well as beginning a Retirement account are two large steps that will help to get you closer to your goal of overall financial fitness.

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Danielle McElwee

Apr 17 2017

Business Spotlight: Business Continuity Workshop Wrap-up

Safeguard Iowa Partnership

Recently, 20 business owners/managers participated in a Hills Bank Business Academy event to hear Dutch Geisinger and John Halbrook from Safeguard Iowa Partnership discuss keeping businesses opened during emergency situations. Topics covered included why you need a business continuity plan, what a …
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Joy Newhouse

Mar 11 2015

Having a Baby? Consider These Tips.

Consider these tips if you're expecting a baby.

With three little words (“it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl”), your whole life changes forever. Suddenly corners seem sharper and stairs seem steeper as new instincts take root. If you are planning on having a baby or are pregnant, …
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