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Jennifer Lough

Nov 06 2019

What’s the Difference between Money Market Accounts and CDs?


Once your basic account needs are met with a checking and/or savings account, you may decide that opening a more robust account  would better suit your financial needs. Money market accounts (MMAs) and certificates of deposit (CDs) typically earn a …
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Jennifer Lough

Nov 04 2019

What’s the Difference Between Checking and Savings Accounts?


Checking and savings accounts are two basic accounts offered by financial institutions. They serve the same overall purpose– to house your money – but have a few key differences.

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Molly Dietz

Sep 03 2019

Are You Financially Prepared for a Disaster?


National Preparedness Month (NPM), recognized each September, provides an opportunity to remind us that we all must prepare ourselves and our families for disaster and emergency planning. The 2019 theme is “Prepared, Not Scared.” It’s important to make sure you’re …
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Nicole Slaubaugh

Aug 28 2019

Lemon Boss Wrap-Up 2019


At Hills Bank, we support local businesses of all shapes and sizes. During our fifth year of Lemon Boss, we helped over 350, 5-12 years old start their own businesses. We had young entrepreneurs from Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin participate …
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Molly Brown

Aug 21 2019

Hills Bank Business Academy


Hills Bank values you and your business, and we want to help you succeed. We understand it’s a challenge to work on your business while working in your business. That’s why we’ve developed the Hills Bank Business Academy. Learn more …
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Brenda Langenberg

May 22 2019

5 Fast and Simple Desk Exercises

5 Fast and Simple Desk Exercises

At one point or another we’ve all made the statement, “I don’t have enough time to exercise.” Busy schedules with work and home life make it difficult to find enough time for a good workout. But it can be done! …
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Bethany Gorsch

May 16 2019

4 Tips for Success at Your New Job

4 Tips for Success at your new job

You’ve made it through the interview process, waited (somewhat) patiently, and landed a great job or internship. How can you make sure to do well today and every day to come? Whether you are 20 years old or 42, these …
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Nici Bontrager

Apr 10 2019

6 Ways to Manage Your Bank Accounts from Practically Anywhere


With emerging technologies, managing your bank accounts can be convenient and done from your mobile device. Below are 6 tips for managing your money from practically anywhere.

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Brenda Langenberg

Nov 14 2018

Healthy Money Habits: 8 Tips for Financial Health


As I wrap-up my 4-part series on Healthy Money Habits, I want to revisit the eight financial health habits I highlighted throughout the entire series.

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Brenda Langenberg

Nov 05 2018

Healthy Money Habits: Financial Maintenance (Part 4 of 4)


Now that you are financially fit, maintain your finances with these tips.

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