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Nicole Slaubaugh

Dec 21 2015

Hills Bank 2016 Holiday Schedule


As the holiday season is near, there are a few dates you should be aware of where Hills Bank will be closed or will close early. On Christmas Eve, we will be closed at 1:00pm. Please have ACH and Wires …
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Dave Kriz

Sep 16 2015

Lemon Boss Hall of Fame 2015

We would like to thank all lemon bosses who worked hard this summer at their very own businesses. Watch this video to see all the Lemon Bosses that completed their Income Statements and are on the 2015 Lemon Boss Hall …
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Joy Newhouse

Jul 08 2015

For Parents: Words of Wisdom (Part 5 of 5)

Hills Bank Savings Plan for Kids

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to get your child off to the right start saving money, so as parents, grandparents, and mentors to youth, we at Hills Bank have brought together our experiences and financial knowledge to share with …
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Shaun Barry

Nov 26 2014

Business Tip: The Power of Saying “Thank You”

Business Tip: Saying Thank You

Cheers. Thank You. Gracias. Arigato. Merci beaucoup. No matter how you say it, if stated correctly, it has a great impact, especially when you say it to your customers.

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Brad Joens

Nov 12 2014

Get a Business Health Overview with Hills Bank Finagraph

Hills Bank Finagraph

Many business owners find working on their business difficult while working in their business. That’s why Hills Bank is committed to provide quality educational opportunities and services to make business owners feel at ease about their financials.

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Katie Miller

Aug 25 2014

Customer Service in Focus

Customer Service in Focus

Customer service is by its very name a focus on the customer first, with all the unique and often inconvenient requests they bring to your business. Focusing on the customer rather than the company may not always be efficient but …
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Shaun Barry

Aug 06 2014

Live Local Through Your Small Business

Live Local Small Business

Hills Bank is proud to help sustain our local economy by living local. We encourage businesses to support Live Local to keep our communities vibrant. It’s especially important for business owners to be small business activists. Read the local news and …
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Karin Bauer

Jun 16 2014

Tips for Starting and Maintaining a Quality Internship

Tips for Starting and Maintaining a Quality Internship

An internship is a rewarding way for students to get real-world experience and apply what they have learned in college. An internship should be designed to meet the needs and goals of both the business and students involved.

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Dave Kriz

Jun 11 2014

Do you Know a Good Lemon Boss?

Hills Bank Lemon Boss

Get ready to relive your childhood by helping your kids ages 5-12 create their own stellar lemonade stand financed by Hills Bank! This is a great opportunity to teach your children about finances, customer service, and business all while spending …
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Josh Holst

Jun 05 2014

Why You Should Keep Your Browser and Operating System Updated

Upgrade browsers and operating system.

You know the little pop-up notifications you get on your computer stating 50 updates are ready for download, which often requires a reboot of your computer? If you’re like several of my family and friends, you probably ignore these updates, …
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