Molly Brown

Jul 30 2014

Tips for Preparing Sweet Corn

Iowa Sweet Corn

Sweet corn season is here! Iowans know the best tasting, most mouth-watering sweet corn comes from right here, in Iowa. What I didn’t know is everyone has their own unique way to prepare sweet corn. Here are a few ways we’ve heard, but we’d love to hear yours too!

Husk and De-Silk Corn

  1. Using your hand, pull off as much husk and silk as possible
  2. Hold the corn cob under running water
  3. With a vegetable brush or dampened paper towel, rub the sides of the corn in a circular motion to remove silk remnants

The traditional and simplest method

  1. Bring a pot filled with water to a boil
  2. Insert husked and de-silked corn
  3. When water begins boiling again, wait 3 minutes then remove corn

Quick and easy method

  1. Place 6 husked and de-silked ears of corn in a sealed zipper plastic bag
  2. Cook 6 minutes or until bag pops open

For a slightly smoky flavor

  1. Keep corn in husk and soak in cold water for at least 1 hour
  2. Remove from water and place on open coals or grill
  3. Cook on each side until husk starts to darken

Let’s hear your delicious ways to prepare sweet corn in the comments below!

Molly Brown

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