Brenda Langenberg

Jan 14 2015

Hills Bank Online Series: Secure Access Codes

Hills Bank Online Series for online banking.

Since Hills Bank has launched our new online banking tools, we have implemented multiple layers of security to help ensure your online banking information is protected from fraud and identity theft. One of the new tools to help secure your private information is with a Secure Access Code that validates your login ID and password via a phone number of your choice that Hills Bank has on file.

Anytime you log into Hills Bank Online from a new computer or new device, you will be presented with the Secure Access Code screen. This helps prevent fraudsters from using your user ID and password and accessing your account, because it’s unlikely they would have your phone number to get the one-time Secure Access Code.

If none of these phone numbers are valid, you will need to call Hills Bank at 1-800-445-5725 for assistance in obtaining your Secure Access Code.

Secure Access Code Screen

Secure Access Code Screen

You will then be directed to a screen that allows you to input the Secure Access Code that you will have just received, either as text or an automated phone call at the number you selected.

Secure Access Code Input Screen

Secure Access Code Input Screen

Sometimes, it’s possible you would be presented with a Secure Access Code screen even if you have logged into Hills Bank Online before on a computer or device. That happens when internet browsers are updated or if your cookies are cleared on your computer.

We’ve also seen many customers click the “I have a Secure Access Code” button before they actually have the code sent to them. If you’re having problems with your Secure Access Code, make sure you’ve actually sent it to the phone number of your choice.

Remember, it can at times seem frustrating to have to submit Secure Access Codes, but it is an additional layer of security that you’ll be thankful you have if your login ID or password is ever compromised.

If you have questions about Secure Access Codes or our online banking capabilities, please contact us at 1-800-445-5725 or leave a comment below.

Brenda Langenberg

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