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Feb 04 2015

Tips for Managing Your Finances through Hills Bank Online

Hills Bank Online Series for online banking.

Would you like the ability to not only manage your banking online, but manage your entire financial picture? Within Hills Bank Online, you can click the Manage My Finances tab and do just that! You can create a budget, monitor expenses, and set goals, as well as track upcoming bills and incomes. You can view your entire financial picture through one convenient location with Manage My Finances.

Getting Started with Manage My Finances

Manage My Finances through Hills Bank Online.

Manage My Finances through Hills Bank Online.

To begin, just click the Manage My Finances tab. You will be presented with a dashboard where you can click the Add tab to add an account from another financial institution, your mortgage account, credit cards, and investment accounts. We’ve put some of the most common institutions for our customers so they are easily available, but if you don’t see the account you want, simply type in the name of your financial institution in the blue bar below the account icons. From your dashboard you can do the following:

  • View all uploaded accounts and balances, daily account transactions
  • Use the advanced search bar to find transactions by name, date, category, etc.
  • Customize widgets, like Expenses, Goals, Budgets, Bills, Net Worth, and more

Tagging Spending Categories

Setting Targets with Manage My Finances.

Customized tags can give you a more accurate view of your budget, spending history, and overall financial picture. Tags are customizable words or phrases used to categorize or “tag” transactions. This allows you to have a better idea of how you are spending your money by tracking transactions in the same category. Manage My Finances automatically pulls in your most recent transactions and tags them. Examples are transportation, groceries, clothing, etc.

You can edit your tags by clicking on the EDIT button associated with each transaction. If you have transactions that fall under multiple categories, you can split tags by clicking on the transaction to edit it. Click the USE SPLIT TAGS button in the tag area of the form; enter a tag and its value. This can be repeated for each tag, ensuring the entire balance of the transaction is accounted for. Click the +ADD TAG button if you would like to split the purchase among more than two tags. There are no limits to the number of split tags you can have. Once you are complete, click SAVE TRANSACTION.

Adding/Deleting Accounts

Add an account through Manage My Finances.

Manage My Finances supports more than 13,000 financial institutions. Using these tips, you should be able to search for a majority if not all your accounts. When adding accounts, be sure to input your financial institution’s official FULL name and then try a search with the fewest amount of words possible. You may need to try searching with abbreviations as well. In order to delete an account, navigate to the left sidebar of your dashboa

rd and click on the name of the account you would like to delete. From the account details name, click the edit button on the top of the screen by the account name, and at the bottom of the account page, you will see the delete account option. Click delete to permanently delete your account. Keep in mind this will remove all custom tags, goals, or anything associated with the account.

Creating Budgets

Create a budget with Manage My Finances.To create a budget, click the Budget tab in the header. Budgets use Spending Targets to track variable expenses like shopping or dining out. We will even let you know when you’re getting close to your target amount with a friendly text or email!

Just tag the spending targets you would like to track, name them, then set your monthly limit. Budgets run from the first to the last day of each month. Spending targets are automatically color-coded based on your spending progress.

Creating Goals

Create a financial goal with Manage My Finances.By clicking the Goals tab in the header, you can create a financial goal from a recommended list like paying off credit cards, saving for a new car, or creating a savings cushion. To add a goal, click on the Goals tab at the top of the page, and click the ADD A GOAL button. Choose between a payoff or savings goal, then select the date by which you want to complete your goal or the amount you plan to save each month and click Create Goal.

Using the Cashflow Calendar

Manage My Finances Cashflow Calendar.By using the Cashflow Calendar, you can get a quick glance of when your bills are due, when your paycheck is coming, and yout Safe to Spend balances. Click the Cashflow tab to open the calendar and click on a day to add a new income source or bill due. If you want to make sure your Cashflow Calendar only shows certain accounts where you transfer funds or pay bills, click the Choose accounts link in the box above the calendar and check the boxes next to the accounts you would like to include. Then click SAVE AND CLOSE.

Setting Up Alerts

Set alerts through Manage My Finances.If you would like to set alerts to be sent to your email and/or mobile device, click on Alerts, ADD AN ALERT and from there you can choose your alert type. Alert types consist of Account Balances, Spending Target Exceeded, Goal Progress, Bill Reminder, Large Transaction, or Specific Store Purchase. Then enter the amount values as prompted and the option of either email or text message. Your Manage My Finances alerts will appear on the Dashboard once they have been triggered. Then click ADD ALERT.

Computing Your Net Worth

In order to compute your Net Worth you need to add your assets as well as your debt. Within the Networth tab, select the ADD ASSET or ADD DEBT button. Then enter in the amount of asset or debt, label it accordingly, and save.

Manage My Finances is a personal finance management tool that can help you save for your goals while providing a complete financial picture. If you have questions about Manage My Finances or our online banking capabilities, please contact us at 1-800-445-5725 or leave a comment below.

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