Shaun Barry

Aug 06 2014

Live Local Through Your Small Business

Live Local Small Business

Hills Bank is proud to help sustain our local economy by living local. We encourage businesses to support Live Local to keep our communities vibrant. It’s especially important for business owners to be small business activists. Read the local news and keep informed events by following news stations through social channels. If you come across something that affects your neighbors or community, get involved by offering your help in the form of a place to meet, donating products and services, or displaying literature.

Small businesses have the opportunity to truly know their customers, employees, and communities which they serve. Many times small businesses can do what larger businesses and corporations are unable to do without permission from headquarters.

Below are some ways in which your business can live local and improve our communities.

  • Donate time, money, products, or services to local non-profits
  • Volunteer, sponsor a fundraiser, or participate in raising awareness for a cause your business is passionate about or has a logical connection
  • Post jobs locally and through current employees first
  • Support a parade, festival, or other event
  • Use a local cleaning service to clean your business
  • Purchase office supplies from a local supply company

Share how your business lives local in the comments box below. We’d love to see more ideas and might even create an upcoming post with ways your small business lives local!

Shaun Barry

About Shaun Barry

Shaun Barry is a Vice President, Treasury Management Team Leader at Hills Bank’s Cedar Rapids location on Williams Blvd SW. He has been at Hills Bank since 2013 helping business owners on day-to-day banking needs with the goal to save business owners time, money, and make their finances easier. Shaun can be reached at

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