Dave Kriz

Jun 01 2016

We’re looking for Lemon Bosses this Summer!

Lemon Boss Hills Bank

Hills Bank supports local businesses of all shapes and sizes. Do you know any kids 5-12 years old that are driven, fun, and looking to start their own business? If so, Hills Bank has a program that will enable them to start their own business by becoming a Lemon Boss. This summer, Hills Bank wants to help teach kids about finances, customer service, and running a business by providing them with an opportunity to run their own lemonade stand.

Watch this video to learn more about Hills Bank Lemon Boss on YouTube: https://youtu.be/wcVI3ghQuOg

How does it work?

To get their own Lemon Boss business started, kids will need to fill out an application, just as they would if applying for a loan from the bank. There are 2 different applications, one for kids ages 5-7 (click to download the application) and another for kids ages 8-12 (click to download the application). All applications must be completed and brought to your nearest Hills Bank location to be instantly approved to receive a Lemon Boss kit.

Lemon Boss kits include:

  • Hills Bank cups, money bag, and pitcher
  • “Financed by Hills Bank” sticker
  • “I’m a Lemon Boss” button
  • Wooden spoon
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Income Statement Sheet
  • Start-up money for their business

After summer is over, you can bring your Income Statement Sheet (click to download the income statement sheet) back to your local Hills Bank location to receive a Lemon Boss Certificate of Completion and get your photo on the Lemon Boss Hall of Fame!

How to get your Lemon Boss Kit
Stop by any Hills Bank location with your child to receive a Lemon Boss kit. You can fill out an application in advanced by visiting HillsBankLemonBoss.com, or complete it at any of our locations.

Advertise your Lemon Boss Stand
We also encourage parents or guardians to help promote your Lemon Boss in their first business venture by sharing with us on social media by using #LemonBoss or posting a picture on our Facebook page.

If your Lemon Boss stand is going to be open, let us know via social media with #LemonBoss or by posting a picture to Hills Bank and Trust Company’s Facebook page, and we’ll even help you advertise your lemonade stand by sharing it on our social media channels!

Our employees look forward to supporting Lemon Bosses in our communities this summer!

Dave Kriz

About Dave Kriz

Dave Kriz is Vice President, Youth and Education Director for Hills Bank. He has been at Hills Bank since 2001. As a former teacher, Dave is active in youth and education programs that Hills Bank sponsors. Each year, Dave also organizes the Youth Salute program that recognizes outstanding high school seniors in our surrounding communities. Dave can be reached at dave_kriz@hillsbank.com.

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