Brenda Langenberg

Feb 11 2015

Hills Bank OnlineTM Series Wrap-up

Hills Bank Online Series for online banking.

Over the past month, we have highlighted several different features of Hills Bank Online, our online banking system, including Secure Access Codes, depositing checks via our mobile app, bill payment enhancements, and personal financial management through Manage My Finances. Get a quick overview of each to see if you want to learn more.

Secure Access Codes

Anytime you log in to Hills Bank Online from a new computer or device, you will be presented with the Secure Access Code screen. This helps prevent fraudsters from using your user ID and password and accessing your account, because it’s unlikely they would have your phone number to get the one-time Secure Access Code. Learn more about Secure Access Codes.

Deposit Checks via our Mobile Apps

To make your banking experience more convenient and flexible, Hills Bank offers a mobile deposit app available in the Apple App Store or Google Play. Learn how to deposit a check through the Hills Bank app.

Pay Bills, Family, or Friends with Bill Payment

Not only can you pay bills without writing a check or buying stamps, but you can transfer money to your friends account before you forget to pay them back for lunch. Learn how to pay bills, family, and friends through bill payment.

Manage My Finances

With Manage My Finances, you can do just that: create a budget, monitor expenses, and set goals, as well as track upcoming bills and income. Manage My Finances provides you with the tools to successfully manage and track your overall financial health. Learn more about Manage My Finances.

What other topics would you like to see highlighted in our Hills Bank Online series? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll be happy to spotlight them for you!

Brenda Langenberg

About Brenda Langenberg

Brenda Langenberg is Vice President and Branch Manager at Hills Bank’s Mount Vernon and Lisbon locations. She has been at Hills Bank since 1992 helping customers with their banking needs. Brenda can be reached at

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