Joy Newhouse

Mar 26 2014

Tips for the Fashionably Frugal Continued

Fashionably Frugal Tips

Previously, we asked you to share your own Fashionably Frugal tips. Here are a few of my favorites.

How can you be fashionably frugal AND get a sense of adventure fix? Shop at our area Goodwill stores! It is so exciting to unearth a buried treasurer – it is like going on a scavenger hunt for quality clothes at the low, low price of $3.38! What have I found recently for $3.38? An Eileen Fisher maxi skirt, a Coach purse, a Patagonia jacket, Frye boots, and some amazing Title Nine running pants. These 5 items would have topped $700 retail and I walked out with a total bill of $16.90. AND I’m supporting my community to train folks new to the workforce. How is this not awesome?

My favorite Goodwill stores in our area from the ‘Best Finds’ to the ‘Harder to Unearth That Treasure Find’ are 1. SE Iowa City store – NEW by the Waterfront Hy-Vee. 2. SW Cedar Rapids Store – Not too far from our Williams Blvd Hills Bank location! 3. NE Cedar Rapids Store – Not too far from our Blairs Ferry Road Hills Bank location! 4. Coralville store – Half way between our North Liberty branches and the Coralville branch! You should really visit them all – maybe your order of “finds” will be different than my most lucky store. If you are my size, don’t be buying up all the quality clothes (just kidding of course)!

The other Goodwill rule that should be followed to be truly fashionably frugal is “bag in – bag out.” Whenever I make a purchase, I have to donate a bag of clothes or household goods. Hoarder is not a good look for your closet, even if the deal is incredible.
Christine P.

I bring my own pop and snacks to work. I try to drink water more because it’s healthier and $0.75 per can of pop is equal to $18.00 a case!
Justin S.

I cut off the ends of lotions when I can’t get any more out of the tube. It’s amazing how much product is left that can be used.
Katie S.

I love to read books on my iPad Mini, but it drives me crazy to spend money on eBooks, which don’t help to pretty up a bookshelf when I’m through with them. My local libraries have a wonderful selection of eBooks, especially new and popular releases. If a book isn’t immediately available, I put a hold on it and receive an email when it becomes available. I can then download the book directly onto my iPad without making a special trip to the library.
Lisa S.

“I like to ride my bike to work when the weather is nice. I can’t wait for spring, I’ll be able to get outside more AND save on gas money and wear and tear on my vehicle .”
Matt A.

I reuse dryer sheets to dust electronics like my TVs, computer screen, and digital photo frames. The anti-static in the dryer sheets repels dust on the screen too.
Tom A.

#FashionablyFrugal Hills Helps Comment

#FashionablyFrugal Hills Helps Comment

#FashionablyFrugal Tweet

#FashionablyFrugal Tweet

A special thanks to everyone who shared their Fashionably Frugal tips! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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