Jennifer Lough

Oct 21 2019

9 Money Conversation Starters for Kids


Sometimes it’s hard to know how to get your child off to the right start when it comes to saving money. As parents, grandparents, and mentors to youth, your friends at Hills Bank have compiled nine conversation starters to help you talk to your kids about money.

  1. When is buying things on sale a good idea? When is it a bad idea?
  2. How often do you hang out at the mall or a favorite store with no particular purchase in mind? How does that affect your buying habits?
  3.  Is it easier to name your favorite store or your favorite charity? Why?
  4. How much does a vacation cost?
  5. What is your most treasured possession? Why does it bring you so much happiness?
  6. What are you saving for?
  7. How do your friends influence your shopping decisions? Is their influence positive or negative and why?
  8. How many and which things do you own that encourage or require you to keep spending more money? (example: video game systems)
  9. Which is more important to you: saving, spending, or sharing?

For more ideas about financial literacy for youth, download our Savings Plan for Kids, which includes many great ideas for managing money.

Jennifer Lough

About Jennifer Lough

Jennifer Lough is a Vice President and Branch Manager at Hills Bank’s Coralville location and University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics location. She has been at Hills Bank since 2000 helping customers with checking, savings, and loan needs. Jennifer has 20+ years of experience in the banking industry. Her joys in life are her two sons, her husband Brian, returning to her family’s farm, and exercising. She can be reached at

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