Bethany Gorsch

Aug 22 2016

Five Back to School Financial Tips for College Students


Welcome back students! We hope you’ve had an amazing summer. Whether you are just starting your college experience as a freshman or beginning your final year of college, these tips will come in handy to keep your finances in order. 

Know How Much Money You Borrow
Keep track of what you borrow to pay for your education. Eventually you will have to pay it back, so make sure to only borrow what you absolutely need. A great way to track all of your Federal Student Loans is through The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). If you borrowed money through private loans, you will have to check with your financial institution.

Take Advantage of Student Discounts
When grabbing dinner at your favorite local restaurant or out shopping with friends, always ask if there are student discounts available. You’ll be surprised how many local shops and restaurants offer deals for just presenting a student-issued ID.

Know and Use Your Tuition Extras
Take a good look at the extras you are paying for with your tuition dollars. Colleges and universities may add in campus gym use, healthcare center access, meal plans, and a number of other things to many tuition packages. If you’re already paying for it, use it!

Are you spending money on things you could do yourself? A great example could be your daily dose of coffee. Instead of going to a coffee shop every morning, make it a treat by going once a week and brew your own daily cup yourself. This could save you anywhere from spending $2, $5, or even more per visit!

Keep Track
Keeping track of all your spending can be easy if you have the proper tools. Use Hills Bank’s Manage My Finances tool through Hills Bank Online banking to create a budget, track spending, and set goals—all in one place.

And the most important tip: don’t forget to enjoy your experience! Whether you’re at school to expand your knowledge, experience new things, enhance your future standing in the workforce, or simply achieve a degree for personal satisfaction, use this time and your well-spent money to the best of your advantage.

As the only financial institution authorized by the University of Iowa for campus banking, Hills Bank can help with your financial questions. Just stop by any of our convenient campus locations or download the HERE app to chat with a banker at your convenience!

Thank you for reading Hills Helps! If you have any tips you like to share with your friends, family, peers, or students, let us know in the comments below.

Bethany Gorsch

About Bethany Gorsch

Bethany Gorsch is a First Vice President, Treasury Management at Hills Bank’s Iowa City location on Gilbert Street. She has been with Hills Bank since 2014 helping business owners with their deposit and cash management needs to help them be as productive and efficient as possible within their business operations. Bethany is a Chamber Ambassador through the Iowa City Chamber of Commerce and can be reached at

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