Dwight Seegmiller

Apr 27 2015

Blue Zones Worksites Dedication Helps Make Hills Bank a Healthier Place to Work

hills bank blue zones designated worksite

At Hills Bank, we know our employees are one of our greatest assets. When our employees are healthy and having fun, we believe our overall workplace environment is improved and will become more efficient. We are proud to be designated as a Blue Zones Designated Worksite®, and along with this achievement are continuously striving to make Hills Bank a healthy place to work.

The Blue Zones Project is a community initiative based on research from New York Times best-selling author Dan Buettner. He founded Blue Zones based on the world’s best practices in prolonged well-being and has challenged communities in the United States to improve health and longevity.

Through Buettner’s research, there are 9 shared lifestyle habits that help people live longer, healthier, and happier lives. These habits are called the Power 9 Principles and are shared traits of the world’s longest-lived people. By applying these Power 9 Principles to your everyday choices, you too can boost your own well-being.

As a Blue Zones Designated Worksite® Hills Bank has taken a pledge to identify and adopt the best practices to optimize the environment and make a healthy choice the easier choice. At Hills Bank, the Blue Zones Project fits well with the culture and wellness initiatives we already have in place. We encourage our employees to be productive both personally and professionally while promoting positive physical and mental well-being. As a result, 25% of our employees have taken the Personal Pledge: a list of small, easy steps individuals can take in their daily life to provide lasting benefits for physical and emotional health.

As I stated at our designation ceremony in Marion, “BLUE Zones are Bettering Lifestyles with Understanding Employers.” Join us in the drive to make the corridor a healthier place to live and work by taking the Blue Zones Pledge at bluezonesproject.com.

Dwight Seegmiller

About Dwight Seegmiller

Dwight Seegmiller is the President and CEO of Hills Bank. He has been at Hills Bank since 1975 helping customers with their banking needs. Dwight became the President in 1986. During his leadership, Dwight has continued in the footsteps of those who served before him by fostering care for the customer and continuing the vision in pursuing new markets.

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