Bethany Gorsch

May 16 2019

4 Tips for Success at Your New Job

4 Tips for Success at your new job

You’ve made it through the interview process, waited (somewhat) patiently, and landed a great job or internship. How can you make sure to do well today and every day to come? Whether you are 20 years old or 42, these tips will help you make a good impression and gain respect from your supervisor and new co-workers.

  1. Make Connections with Co-Workers
    As you start your new job or internship, your co-workers will be your mentors. They will help you navigate company culture, assist you on projects, and tell you where you can find office supplies. Develop good relationships with your co-workers to help ease your transition and create a healthy and fun work environment. For college interns, building these relationships could help you network to a full-time position after graduation as well.
  2. Positive Attitude
    Positive attitudes and timeliness make a big difference in how your co-workers and supervisor perceive you. It’s important to have a can-do attitude and pay attention to details. Don’t take shortcuts, and do your work thoroughly and thoughtfully.
  3. Exceed Expectations
    When given projects, be sure to not only meet expectations, but continually work to exceed them. You were asked to call on five customers this week? Call on eight. Going above and beyond what is asked will position you for advancement in your company.
  4. Take Advantage of Opportunities
    Many companies offer seminars, webinars, and tours for their employees. Participation and passion for professional growth allows you to better yourself for your customers and co-workers. Learning doesn’t end after graduation; it’s a life-long process that will help you succeed.
Bethany Gorsch

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Bethany Gorsch is a First Vice President, Treasury Management at Hills Bank’s Iowa City location on Gilbert Street. She has been with Hills Bank since 2014 helping business owners with their deposit and cash management needs to help them be as productive and efficient as possible within their business operations. Bethany is a Chamber Ambassador through the Iowa City Chamber of Commerce and can be reached at

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