Nicole Slaubaugh

Nov 24 2014

4 Reasons to #ShopLocally

Let us know where you are shopping locally! #shoplocally

Hills Bank promotes the growth of hometown businesses and the local community by encouraging everyone to shop locally. By choosing to shop locally, you are not only helping your town prosper, you also receive benefits that only a local business can provide:

  1. Employment – Hometown businesses employ local residents, creating jobs for you as well as your friends, family, and neighbors.
  2. Quality Merchandise – When you buy locally, you know the reputation of the business. If you’re unhappy with a purchase, they’ll make sure you’re satisfied.
  3. Economic Development – Every dollar spent here will circulate numerous times throughout the community. This economic growth will attract businesses, create jobs, and improve the quality of life for all of us!
  4. Personal Service – Local merchants combine expertise and personal attention to create a memorable shopping experience. They’ll do their best to help you find what you’re looking for!

There are many ways to help your community through Shopping Locally! Use #shoplocally to share photos of how you have helped your community by Shopping Locally. Come into any Hills Bank to get a “Shop Locally” pin. If a Hills Bank employee sees you wearing the pin, you get $10!

Why do YOU shop locally? We’d love to hear what you choose to shop locally in the comments below.

Nicole Slaubaugh

About Nicole Slaubaugh

Nicole Slaubaugh is Senior Vice President, Director of Retail Banking at Hills Bank. She has been at Hills Bank since 2001 with experience in both business and retail banking while helping business owners and customers manage deposit needs. Nicole resides in Wellman with her family and is actively involved in the Wellman community through a variety of non-profit organizations. Nicole can be reached at

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