Jennifer Lough

Oct 21 2019

9 Money Conversation Starters for Kids


Sometimes it’s hard to know how to get your child off to the right start when it comes to saving money. As parents, grandparents, and mentors to youth, your friends at Hills Bank have compiled nine conversation starters to help you talk to your kids about money.

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Jennifer Eden

Oct 16 2019

How to Protect Yourself from Financial Scams


Are you at risk of becoming the victim of a financial scam? As technology advances and more of our personal information is stored online, the risk of financial harm increases.

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4 Telltale Signs It’s Time to Reevaluate Your Business’s 401(k) Provider

Shelly Freemole

Oct 14 2019

By: Shelly Freemole

The Economy and Market from Here… at Hills

Aaron Schaefer

Oct 03 2019

By: Aaron Schaefer

4 Ways to Keep Your Smartphone Secure

Chris Lewis

Oct 02 2019

By: Chris Lewis

Money Saving Tips for Savvy College Students

Deb Schaffer

Sep 25 2019

By: Deb Schaffer

Escrow Accounts: What You Need to Know

Jack O'Rourke

Sep 23 2019

By: Jack O'Rourke

What Does APY Stand for, and How Is It Different From the Interest Rate?

Nicole Slaubaugh

Sep 18 2019

By: Nicole Slaubaugh

How to Prepare for a Recession

Aaron Schaefer

Sep 11 2019

By: Aaron Schaefer