Erin Grabe

Dec 11 2019

Should You Save Money or Pay Off Debt?


Respect your elders. Don’t talk with your mouth full. Say please and thank you. Our parents have taught us many things, but what about how to balance managing debt – specifically, student loan debt– with saving money for retirement, our own children’s college, or a rainy day fund? If you feel overwhelmed in trying to navigate this conundrum, you’re not alone.

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Jennifer Eden

Dec 09 2019

4 Helpful Tips When Using Your Debit Card


Do you use your debit card while shopping during the holiday season? Take advantage of these helpful tips to secure your bank account and get the most out of your spending.

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Karissa Norine

Dec 04 2019

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Molly Brown

Dec 02 2019

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4 Shopping Tips for Cyber Monday

Chris Lewis

Nov 27 2019

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Shop Local this Holiday Season – And Everyday!

Molly Brown

Nov 25 2019

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Why Do You Shop Local?

Janelle Johnson

Nov 20 2019

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3 Ways to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Molly Dietz

Nov 18 2019

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The Best Items to Donate to Food Banks This Holiday Season

Allison Bates

Nov 13 2019

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