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Jennifer Lough

Nov 19 2014

Tips to Protect Yourself While Holiday Shopping

Protect Yourself While Holiday Shopping

This season, while you’re focused on holiday deals, thieves are looking for holiday steals. Protect yourself while holiday shopping with the following tips:

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Brad Joens

Nov 12 2014

Get a Business Health Overview with Hills Bank Finagraph

Hills Bank Finagraph

Many business owners find working on their business difficult while working in their business. That’s why Hills Bank is committed to provide quality educational opportunities and services to make business owners feel at ease about their financials.

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Ken Hinrichs

Aug 20 2014

Tips to Increase Mobile Security

Mobile Security

Smart phones, tablets, notebooks, and mobile devices with online capabilities are more common than ever. These mobile devices are capable of storing and processing information just like a computer. It’s important to protect your mobile devices just as you would …
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Deb Schaffer

Aug 11 2014

Money Saving Tips for Savvy College Students

Money Saving Tips for Savvy College Students.

College years are a transitional time into the “real world.” Not only will you learn skill sets to gain employment, but you will learn life skills as you start living on your own. Now is the perfect time to start …
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Jennifer Lough

Jun 23 2014

Tips for Everyday Savings

Everyday Savings

By now, you know you face financial choices every day, from the grocery store, to entertainment, to vacation plans. One of the most frequent financial choices you make involves grocery shopping. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates a family …
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Whitney Randall

Jun 11 2014

Do you Know a Good Lemon Boss?

Hills Bank Lemon Boss

The warm weather is finally here! I remember when I was a kid my summer days were full of riding my bike, swimming in the Mount Vernon pool, and selling lemonade at my mom’s garage sales. Get ready to relive …
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Dale Farland

Jun 09 2014

How Much Can I Live on in Retirement?

How Much Can I Live on in Retirement?

The good news is that we are living longer! The bad news is that we are living longer! The average life expectancy when Social Security was first adopted was dramatically lower than it is today. With healthier lifestyles and medical …
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Todd Shaull

May 21 2014

4 Simple Ways to Give Your Credit Rating a Boost

Give your credit rating a boost.

The lower the interest rates on your loans, the more income you’ll have available for other uses, including saving for retirement. Your credit score is the key to getting loans approved and determining the interest rate you pay. Here are …
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Keith Jones

Apr 21 2014

Hills Bank Employees’ Favorite Books for Financial Advice

Financial Books and Resources for Good Financial Advice

There are so many financial advice books available, it can be overwhelming to sort through and find the best ones. Wonder what books people in the financial services industry are reading and would recommend? Our employees at Hills Bank are …
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Dave Haman

Mar 24 2014

8 Insurance Tips Homeowners Need to Consider

Hills Insurance Agency

Your home is one of your largest assets. You want to make sure it’s properly insured, but there are many things to keep in mind. Here are 8 tips to consider when purchasing insurance for your home.

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