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Erin Grabe

Sep 28 2015

Should You Save Money or Pay Off Debt?

Respect your elders. Don’t talk with your mouth full. Say please and thank you. All great things our parents taught us. But what about how to balance managing debt – specifically student loan debt–with saving money–for retirement, our own children’s …
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Aaron Schaefer

Jun 30 2015

Greece: Containment More Likely Than Contagion

Overview The Greek government threw a wrench into official negotiations by calling a referendum on bailout conditions. As a result, the likelihood of Greece having to leave the Eurozone has increased, boosting market volatility. Whatever the outcome, it is likely …
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Mark Ahlers

Jun 08 2015

Shifting from Asset Accumulation to Retirement Distribution

Shifting from Asset Accumulation to Retirement Distribution

As retirement nears, people need to transition away from a philosophy of asset accumulation to a strategy for utilization of assets to provide a stream of income that matches up to living expenses. And, where markets allow, there must be …
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Keith Jones

Apr 21 2014

Hills Bank Employees’ Favorite Books for Financial Advice

Financial Books and Resources for Good Financial Advice

There are so many financial advice books available, it can be overwhelming to sort through and find the best ones. Wonder what books people in the financial services industry are reading and would recommend? Our employees at Hills Bank are …
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Dale Farland

Feb 26 2014

Consolidate Your Assets with IRA Rollovers

IRA Rollover

If you are making a career move, getting ready to retire, or have already retired, you should consider consolidating your retirement assets into one place. Why roll your funds into one IRA? Contrary to your mother telling you to “not …
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