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Jan 12 2015

Tips for Tackling the Task of Organizing Your Small Business

Tips for Tackling the Task of Organizing Your Small Business

Being unorganized can cost your business time and money, not to mention add extra and unnecessary stress on you and your employees. Below are tips to organize your time and save money for your small business.

  • Control your day instead of letting it control you: Make a list of what you need to accomplish at the beginning of every day and prioritize that list. The trick is to stick to the list and control your day without letting it control you.
  • Dedicate time for email: Decide how much time you will dedicate to email during a workday. Then set aside time every day to read and respond to emails. It is time consuming to check emails constantly throughout the day, and can potentially get you off your day’s prioritized task list.
  • Organize your office and desk: Invest in the time and the small cost it takes to get organized in your office. Color code your files, buy a shredder, and purchase extra filing cabinets and bookshelves if necessary. Although this may cost a little money in the short term, it is one of the easiest ways to get organized quickly instead of searching through stacks of papers and files.
  • Delegate tasks: Empower your employees and delegate some daily tasks to them to help free up your workload.
  • Time management tools: There are several time-saving software tools available. Take the time to research what your business could effectively use through an online search and take advantage of it. A day of installation and training will make you more organized and effective—a valuable investment for your business.

Hills Bank has many cash management tools available to manage your time and finances. We want to know your favorite Hills Bank tools you’ve found most useful in the comments below!

Nicole Slaubaugh

About Nicole Slaubaugh

Nicole Slaubaugh is Senior Vice President, Director of Retail Banking at Hills Bank. She has been at Hills Bank since 2001 with experience in both business and retail banking while helping business owners and customers manage deposit needs. Nicole resides in Wellman with her family and is actively involved in the Wellman community through a variety of non-profit organizations. Nicole can be reached at

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4 Responses to Tips for Tackling the Task of Organizing Your Small Business

  1. Ivy Baker says:

    I liked that you talked about how being unorganized can be a big problem if you are running a business and need to keep track of money. I liked that you talked about empowering your employees to help you with things. Personally, I would want to hire a professional to help me manage my money.

    • Nicole Slaubaugh Nicole Slaubaugh says:

      Having a trusted professional never hurts when it comes to managing your money, Ivy! Thanks for reading Hills Helps.

  2. I agree with what you said. Managing a business is a challenging task. If not organized,the possibility to fail is just waiting. I find your article very helpful.

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