Brenda Langenberg

Oct 17 2016

Healthy Money Habits: Insurance and Retirement (Part 3 of 4)


Becoming and then staying insured as well as beginning a Retirement account are two large steps that will help to get you closer to your goal of overall financial fitness.

  1. Insurance

    In part 1 of the Healthy Money Habits series, I talked about the importance of having an emergency fund. In addition to the emergency fund, insurance can help to further buffer the effects of any financial setbacks. If you are a part or full-time employee, inquire with your Human Resources department to see if your company offers an insurance program and what types of insurance coverage may be offered. If you are not employed full-time, your employer does not offer an insurance program, or you are looking for further coverage than what can be acquired through your work insurance program (ex: car, home, renters, flood, etc.) there are other options. If you have any questions, the Hills Bank Insurance Agency would be happy to help you answer those. Visit to get a quote, check out the companies we represent, meet our agency or call 1-800-445-4566 to speak with a representative.*

  2. Retirement

    A final habit to begin as early as possible is to save for retirement. Even if your retirement is long away in the distance, the earlier you begin the better! Compound interest is your best friend when saving as your account will grow exponentially for the amount of time you have invested in it. You may even be able to utilize a company match retirement program. Again, check with your Human Resources department, if applicable, to see what kind of retirement options are available to you. If you have any questions, anyone from the Hills Bank Trust and Wealth Management team would be happy to assist. Visit to check out all the Hills Bank Trust and Wealth Management team has to offer or call 1-800-899-8858 to speak directly with a representative.*

In the upcoming final part of this series, I will touch on how to maintain your financial fitness now that you are have learned how to become financially fit. What tips or habits do you find useful to increasing your overall financial health? Tell us by commenting below.

*Insurance and Investment products are not a deposit, not FDIC insured, not insured by any federal government agency, carry no bank guarantee, and may go down in value.

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Healthy Money Habits Series Wrap-Up

Brenda Langenberg

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Brenda Langenberg is Vice President and Branch Manager at Hills Bank’s Mount Vernon and Lisbon locations. She has been at Hills Bank since 1992 helping customers with their banking needs. Brenda can be reached at

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