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Jennifer Lough

Mar 05 2018

March is Ag Month at Hills Bank!


Agriculture is intertwined with Hills Bank’s history, heritage, and values, and remains an important part of our culture today. To help celebrate our agricultural roots, we begin our annual celebration of spring and agriculture, with Ag Month events all March long!  Check …
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Laura Hill

Feb 26 2018

How to Navigate the New Tax Code Using Non-Endowed Donor Advised Gift Funds

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the “Act”) has left many taxpayers rethinking their tax planning strategies. The increased standard deduction and reduced availability of itemized deductions may prevent taxpayers who have itemized in the past from doing so in …
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Dwight Seegmiller

Feb 15 2018

Message Regarding Hills Bank’s Lending Practices

4/12/18 Update: We wanted to provide an update on this issue and reiterate Hills Bank’s unwavering commitment to providing equal opportunity to housing for everyone. As we shared earlier, Hills Bank erroneously over-reported a significant number of loan denials. This, …
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Aaron Schaefer

Feb 07 2018

A Message Regarding Recent Market Declines

Economy and Market Here at Hills

Recent market declines have reminded investors that stocks come with risk. After an unusual period of calm, the stock market experienced a decline of 8% over the last several trading days. The sell-off was triggered by concerns about rising interest …
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Tim Smith

2018 Ag Outlook Event


Agriculture is evolving and Hills Bank is pleased to provide a day of education to help our customers stay current on trending issues. The 2018 Ag Outlook will include presentations on food policy, global agriculture and a long-term outlook, the …
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Shaun Barry

Jan 31 2018

Local Deposits Make Local Loans


Do you ever wonder what happens to your money when you deposit it at a community bank or why it is important to keep your deposits local?  Learn more about community banking:

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Adam Magee

Jan 29 2018

2018 Tax Season Tips


Monday, January 29th marks the beginning of the electronic tax return filing season which will continue until April 17th. This means taxpayers will have an additional two days to file taxes beyond the typical April 15th deadline.

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Bethany Welsh

Jan 22 2018

High School Juniors – Don’t Miss This Grant Opportunity!

Hills Bank Leadership Grant

When I was in high school, I was unsure what my future would hold. I did not have a definite plan going into college, but initially thought about majoring in Pharmacy. During my senior year of high school, I was excited …
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Aaron Schaefer

Jan 08 2018

The Economy and Market from Here… at Hills January 2018

The Economy and Market from Hills.

Global stock markets continued to tack on gains as a result of positive earnings reports and economic data that has surprised to the upside.  Recent economic reports saw consumer sentiment edge higher, existing home sales rise despite expectations, and initial …
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Chris Lewis

Jan 03 2018

Beware of Tax Identity Theft

Tax Identity Theft

All taxpayers, business owners, and tax preparers should be aware of identity theft scams by people pretending to be IRS representatives through phone calls, text messages, or email communications. Tax related identity theft occurs when someone uses your Social Security …
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