Brenda Langenberg

Jan 28 2015

Utilize Hills Bank Online’s Enhanced Payment Features

Hills Bank Online Series for online banking.

Hills Bank Online has new and enhanced payment features that allow you to not only pay bills, but to make payments to a person even if they are not a Hills Bank customer. Not only can you pay bills without writing a check or buying stamps, but you can transfer money to your friend’s account before you forget to pay them back for lunch!

Pay My Bills

Pay My Bills

Sign Up For Bill Payment

Signing up for bill payment is easy, simply log into Hills Bank Online and click Payments/Transfers, then Pay My Bills to complete the enrollment process. As soon as you are enrolled for Hills Bank Online and bill payment, you can start making payments and transfers.

Paying a Bill

Add a Payee to bill payment.

Add a Payee to bill payment.

Click the Add a Payee button on the dashboard, and select Pay a Company, then enter the Payment Information found on the bill including: Payee Name, Account Number, Phone Number and Zip Code. The payee is then listed on your dashboard. To make the payment, select the account you want to make the payment from. Then enter the amount and the date to make the payment. If you have bills that are the same every month, you can make it reoccurring.

Pay and Individual

Pay and Individual

Paying a Person

In the Hills Bank Online menu, select Pay a Person, then select the Add a Payee button on the dashboard. Click Pay an individual and then choose how you would like to send the payment.

If you don’t know where they bank, you can allow them to provide their banking information electronically by sending an email to them which they verify their account information. By choosing this option, you include the following recipient’s information including First Name, Last Name, Payee Email, Phone Number, Nickname, Default Pay From Account and an optional category.

Once the recipient receives the email, they will get a keyword that is used as a password to access the secure website to submit their account information. For security purposed a one-time activation code is required to allow scheduled payments to the phone number of your choice.

Once your payee has activated their account, they will appear on the dashboard and you can schedule payments to them.

If you have their bank account info, including their banking routing number and deposit account information, you can send them an electronic payment.

If you prefer to send a paper check through the mail, you can choose that option as well.

Bill Pay Alerts

Bill Pay Alerts

Setting up Bill Pay Alerts

If you would like to set payment reminders, you can click the payee from the payments dashboard. Click Add Reminder to customize the delivery method and frequency you would like the alerts for. You can add optional comments for reminders.

To set up bill pay alerts, Click My Account on the top of the page and then select View Alerts under Bill Pay Alerts. From there you can set email or text alerts, or both!

If you would like to see video demonstrations of bill payment, visit our bill payment demo. If you have questions about online bill payment or our online banking capabilities, please contact us at 1-800-445-5725 or leave a comment below.

Brenda Langenberg

About Brenda Langenberg

Brenda Langenberg is Vice President and Branch Manager at Hills Bank’s Mount Vernon and Lisbon locations. She has been at Hills Bank since 1992 helping customers with their banking needs. Brenda can be reached at

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