Dave Kriz

Mar 02 2015

Join us in Celebrating Ag Month this March!

Join us in Celebrating Ag Month this March!

Agriculture is intertwined with our history, heritage, and values, and remains an important part of our culture today. That’s why we have created an annual tradition every March to celebrate spring and agriculture with Ag Month events. We hatch baby chicks in our lobbies in anticipation of new life and all the good things that agriculture provides us. Life’s new beginnings each spring portray Mother Nature at her best. We look forward to these fun events:

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Dale Farland

Feb 25 2015

8 Questions to Ask While Planning Your Retirement Journey

Planning Your Retirement Journey.
This is the second in a 3-part series on planning your retirement journey.

You have worked hard for your retirement and you have years and years ahead of you. Now you are in the distribution stage of life. Will your money last you during this journey? What are your goals and is your investment plan in tune with them? Your Investment and Financial Advisor will guide you through these questions.

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Tips for Those Starting a Business

Janelle Erwin

Feb 23 2015

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Who Do You Take with You on Your Retirement Journey?

Dale Farland

Feb 18 2015

By: Dale Farland

Hills Bank OnlineTM Series Wrap-up

Brenda Langenberg

Feb 11 2015

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Minimize Car Damage with Pothole Awareness

Dave Haman

Feb 09 2015

By: Dave Haman

Tips for Managing Your Finances through Hills Bank Online

Brenda Langenberg

Feb 04 2015

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Top 5 Phishing Lures Affecting Hills Bank Customers

Jay Allpress

Feb 02 2015

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Utilize Hills Bank Online’s Enhanced Payment Features

Brenda Langenberg

Jan 28 2015

By: Brenda Langenberg