Todd Shaull

May 22 2017

What is a Foreign ATM Fee?

Foreign ATM Fees

Have you ever seen a “foreign ATM fee” on your account statement? If so, you’ve probably questioned what exactly that means. Although it sounds like you have used an ATM in a different country, it actually refers to an ATM that’s not owned by your financial institution. This can also be called a non-financial institution ATM fee.

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Katie Miller

May 17 2017

Summer Reads for Youth


Are you having trouble finding new books for your child to read, or are you looking to add ideas your child’s reading list? We asked some of our employees what their children were reading. Below is a list of highly recommended books to read with your children this summer.

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Summer Reading Program 2017

Donna Hallett

May 16 2017

By: Donna Hallett

2017 John R. Hughes Community Leadership Awards

Allison Bates

May 10 2017

By: Allison Bates

Teacher Appreciation Week 2017

Hannah Geyer

May 09 2017

By: Hannah Geyer

Financial Literacy Month Spotlight: Hills Bank Financial Education Program

Hannah Geyer

Apr 26 2017

By: Hannah Geyer

Business Spotlight: Business Continuity Workshop Wrap-up

Danielle Cahill

Apr 17 2017

By: Danielle Cahill

Why Group Travel with Friends Club?

Karissa Wikert

Apr 12 2017

By: Karissa Wikert

The Economy and Market from Here… at Hills April 2017

Aaron Schaefer

Apr 10 2017

By: Aaron Schaefer