Aaron Schaefer

Aug 25 2015

Stay the Course and Focus on Long Term Investment Goals

Economy and Market Here at Hills

Recent stock market declines have taken the S&P 500 into correction territory (10% below peak levels) for the first time since 2011. Geopolitical conflicts, the ongoing Euro area crisis, central bank policies, and the age of this business cycle are a few reasons investors are nervous today. Corrections are a normal part of the market process and it is important not to overreact. Negative market movements often lead investors to inappropriately alter their asset allocations, potentially harming their ability to achieve long-term investment goals. Rather than fear volatile markets, investors should stay the course by focusing on long-term economic and market expectations. After all, an investor’s sensitivity to market volatility is largely determined by his or her investment time horizon, and equity markets have rewarded those who have stayed invested over longer periods of time.

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Angie Greiner

Aug 11 2015

HillsBank.com is Getting a New Look!

HillsBank.com is getting a new look!

On Thursday, August 20th, HillsBank.com will launch a fresh, new website. Our new design uses responsive technology that allows visitors a consistent experience regardless of how you visit our site–whether it’s from a computer, tablet, or smartphone device. In addition to responsive design, new features include:

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