Josh Holst

Sep 30 2014

5 Easy Steps to Fix Tangled Earbuds

5 Easy Steps to Fix Tangled Earbuds.

Hello Hills Helps readers! It’s the IT Guy, and I want to share with you a little tip I’ve come across that saves me time and frustration. As a dad to two young girls (3 years and 8 months) anything that helps save time is a huge positive to me. I need to spend my time cleaning spilled milk and mopping up water that has splashed out of the tub during bath time. What I don’t need to deal with is trying to untangle my earbuds.

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Ken Hinrichs

Sep 04 2014

A New Online Banking Experience is Coming September 16th!

Connect Your Way to Hills Bank.

Excitement is growing as we approach the start date for our new online banking system.  On September 16th you will be able to connect your way to a brand new Hills Bank Online!  We look forward to delivering many new features and functions that will provide you with added convenience, greater flexibility, ease of use, and even stronger security. The list of new features includes:

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