Dave Haman

Jun 29 2016

How to Insure your Electric Car

How to insure your electric car.

While a majority of Americans still line up at the gas pump, more people are purchasing electric vehicles. If you are considering purchasing an electric vehicle, consider these two important factors.

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Aaron Schaefer

Jun 24 2016

Brexit’s (British-Exit) Meaning for the Economy and Market

Brexit Meaning to the Economy and Market

On June 23, 2016 citizens of the United Kingdom voted on a referendum to leave the European Union (EU). The result came as a surprise to many economists and market analysts. The uncertainty caused by this vote sent shock waves through financial markets. Global stock markets declined, especially in Europe. Currencies oscillated widely, and the Euro and British pound weakened against the dollar. The pound declined to 50 year lows on the news. The 10-year Treasury rallied as yields fell to multi-year lows. While it is impossible to know the near and long-term impacts this vote will have internationally and at home, we want to identify what we see as some of the short-term effects.

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5 Estate Planning Documents You Should Consider

Jeff Ritchie

Jun 22 2016

By: Jeff Ritchie

Tips for Getting Kids to the Library this Summer

Jennifer Lough

Jun 13 2016

By: Jennifer Lough

Why Your Estate Plan Should Include Provisions For Digital Assets

Vincent Gaffney

Jun 08 2016

By: Vincent Gaffney

5 Steps to Navigate the Mortgage Loan Process

Andy Brandt

Jun 03 2016

By: Andy Brandt

We’re looking for Lemon Bosses this Summer!

Dave Kriz

Jun 01 2016

By: Dave Kriz

Tips for Helping Your Child Find a Summer Job

Jennifer Lough

May 25 2016

By: Jennifer Lough

What is a Foreign ATM Fee?

Todd Shaull

May 23 2016

By: Todd Shaull