Katie Miller

Aug 25 2014

Customer Service in Focus

Customer Service in Focus

Customer service is by its very name a focus on the customer first, with all the unique and often inconvenient requests they bring to your business. Focusing on the customer rather than the company may not always be efficient but will result in a more satisfied and loyal customer base.

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Ken Hinrichs

Aug 20 2014

Tips to Increase Mobile Security

Mobile Security

Smart phones, tablets, notebooks, and mobile devices with online capabilities are more common than ever. These mobile devices are capable of storing and processing information just like a computer. It’s important to protect your mobile devices just as you would your computer to prevent identity theft and loss of personal information.

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Deb Schaffer

Aug 11 2014

By: Deb Schaffer

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Shaun Barry

Aug 06 2014

By: Shaun Barry

Thieves Target Watercrafts Each Summer

Dave Haman

Aug 04 2014

By: Dave Haman

Tips for Preparing Sweet Corn

Molly Brown

Jul 30 2014

By: Molly Brown

How a Donor Advised Gift Fund Works

Jeff Ritchie

Jul 28 2014

By: Jeff Ritchie

Thank You for Voting us Best Bank in the Corridor!

Dwight Seegmiller

Jul 22 2014

By: Dwight Seegmiller

Hills Bank Leadership Grant

Nicole Slaubaugh

Jul 16 2014

By: Nicole Slaubaugh