Matt Olson

Mar 22 2017

3 Steps of the Home Loan Process


Purchasing a home can be an intimidating and confusing process, but it doesn’t have to be. I want to give you a summary of the home buying process from application to closing…no matter where you’re applying for your loan.

Watch my video and I’ll walk you through the process of applying, pre-approval, and the best part, closing your new home:

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Jay Allpress

Mar 16 2017

Safety Tips for Spring Flooding


For many in Iowa, spring is a much anticipated time of year. After being indoors all winter, we’re ready to get out and enjoy warmer temperatures and sunshine! Spring is also a time prone to extreme weather events and especially to flooding.  Below are a few tips and reminders from the Department of Homeland Security to keep in mind this spring season.

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Friends Club Spotlight: Upcoming Events

Karissa Wikert

Mar 08 2017

By: Karissa Wikert

Get Pre-Approved for Your Home Loan with Hills Bank

Bob Lamkins

Mar 06 2017

By: Bob Lamkins

March is Hills Bank’s Ag Month

Dave Kriz

Feb 28 2017

By: Dave Kriz

Insurance Spotlight: Backed Up Sewers Can Cause Thousands In Damage

Dave Haman

Feb 22 2017

By: Dave Haman

Convert Your Pay Raise into a Savings Vehicle

Chuck Hippee

Feb 15 2017

By: Chuck Hippee

Tips for Establishing an Emergency Fund

Allison Bates

Feb 13 2017

By: Allison Bates

Friends Club Spotlight: Upcoming Events

Karissa Wikert

Feb 08 2017

By: Karissa Wikert