Jeff Ritchie

Jun 19 2017

Part 1 of 2: Examining Account Types – Joint Accounts with Survivorship

Thinking about opening a joint account? Here are some items to consider when opening a joint account with survivorship with someone other than a spouse:

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Dave Kriz

Jun 05 2017

Are You the Next Lemon Boss?


Hills Bank supports local businesses of all shapes and sizes. Do you know any kids 5-12 years old that are driven, fun, and looking to start their own business? If so, Hills Bank has a program that will enable them to start their own business by becoming a Lemon Boss. This summer, Hills Bank wants to help teach kids about finances, customer service, and running a business by providing them with an opportunity to run their own lemonade stand.

Watch this video to learn more about Hills Bank Lemon Boss on YouTube:

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